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How to Make Legal Document Corners

Our standard printed legal corners are made on a silk card of 350 g/m². Paperwork can be an important part of a business relationship, e.B contracts that need to be signed or accounts that need to be approved. A professional approach, even to the point of protecting stapled documents, reminds your client who they work with and tells them that you are proud to put your brand on their documents and that you care enough about presenting the documents in a professional manner. We offer a range of high-quality, tailor-made and high-quality printing finishes for our legal corners with complete customization. Legal corners, also known as document corners, offer protection when assembling important documents while keeping your legal prints together in a smart and presentable way. Document corners protect important documents on multiple pages from damage caused by parentheses. Plus, you can even hide the stand with our hidden staple option for maximum presentability! Document corners are for anyone who needs to secure documents together. Create your own custom legal corners with perforated shapes. Choose from a range of internal corner options – or create your own bespoke shape! We have over twenty-five years of printing experience and specialize in a variety of printed stationery. Each offer is made according to your wishes. With paper and printing experts, we can help you easily tailor your legal stationery to your brand. Tell us about adding more stationery to your order. We produce a wide range of legal stationery, including business cards, wallets, legal documentation and product catalogues.

Velvety lamination that gives your legal corners a soft and luxurious feel. For lawyers, real estate agents and experts in finance, insurance and hospitality, legal corners offer a distinctive and personal touch to any legal documentation. Our experienced Team of Printed Coins will guide you through the process of choosing the best paper, color and finish for your design to accentuate your logo and branding. A high-quality custom stationery, such as a corner of branded documents, will help your brand stand out at your next important meeting. Legal Corners are simply protective card accessories for your documents. You can be printed individually with your own illustrations, contact information or company branding – anything you want, including images, text and QR codes! If you`re backing up legal documents with a basic element, a document corner is an important addition to your assortment of professional prints to make sure all your expenses are neat and branded. Many industries that don`t really fit into the legal or financial realm still use document corners. either to make customer-facing documents look more professional, to help file and retrieve documents, or to keep employee contracts and customer orders secure. Stack your papers in a neat pile.

Hold the battery safely, lift the corner to which you want to apply the legal corner (usually top left in the UK) and place the legal corner underneath, with the flat edge at the top and the tip pointing to the base of the documents. The point should be in a line with the edge. Digital film is ideal for high-end branding with metallic colors and offers an eye-catching high-end finish for your custom document corners. Make sure your stack of paper is still clean, that your corner is at the same height as the top and side edges, and then hold the corner securely in place while you apply your staple through the legal corner and papers. Printed Legal Corners are a statement of your individual brand and a must for legal stationery. Print your logo and business in the corner and finish it with a slide for a high-end look. Samples are available and we will design your corner for free. Brand rectangles are used by anyone who wants to assemble printed materials professionally to show that they care, while reminding customers who they are. They are regularly used by the legal and financial services professions and are also known as lawyers` corners and accounting corners. Not to be confused with the ”four-corner rule,” which states that contracts, wills, and other written agreements must be interpreted only by the content of the document itself – in other words, all in the ”four corners” of the document. Also known as lawyers` corners, presentation corners, and document corners, legal corners are used by lawyers and accountants to securely link multiple documents. Designed to keep documents in the right order before stapling, a legal corner is a triangular piece of card that fits on the corner of a collection of sheets.

Printed document corners can be used by anyone who provides information in the form of multi-page documents. Whether it`s a business offer, title deeds, or other legal documents, legal corners are the professional way to present multiple pages. Matte laminate protects your legal printed corners from wear and tear and adds a high-end finish that feels comfortable to the touch. We believe that matte laminate is the best finish for printed legal corners as it gives a high quality look and feel while protecting your legal corners from damage. A matte finish also prevents light from shining on its surface, giving it an overall flatter look. We also offer special stamped shapes – whatever your vision, we can make it happen! Great for keeping documents together, hiding unattractive staples, and showcasing your company`s branding, contact information, or QR codes! Yes! We can print your logo on your legal corners and document corners. We can even make it in aluminum for a premium or luxury effect. We can print the legal corners in the colors of your brand or on paper that matches or complements your colors. We can even put it in a form that reflects your business or organization. Individually designed and printed document corners are a great addition to your legal stationery collection.

Custom document corners highlight your brand while protecting your most important documents. .